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We offer chiropractic care for the entire family (pregnancy to kids to seniors and everything in between) and regenerative medicine for adults.

On your first visit with Dr. Coronado, you can expect a consultation, vitals, x-rays (if not pregnant or not an infant), a neurological exam, orthopedic exam, and relief treatment (adjustment and time on the therapy table if an adult). Dr. Coronado will then take time to compile all of the information about your case and create a customized plan for you, which will be reviewed at the following appointment (typically the following day or at your earliest convenience).  

Dr. Coronado uses the  Zone Technique, which is a light, gentle, and comfortable technique. This technique is great for patients of all ages from newborns to seniors and helps Dr. Coronado identify and correct imbalances quickly.

Dr. Coronado is also Webster certified, which is a specialized technique for working with pregnant patients.  She is not only certified to care for prenatal patients but sees them regularly as several prenatal providers (both OBs and midwives) in our area refer to Thrive.


We do accept insurance and are happy to do a complimentary benefit check prior to your first appointment.  We would just need the patient's name, date of birth and picture of the front and back of the insurance card.  Most patients prefer to utilize our 65% time of service discount prices instead of insurance but we will review your options on the second visit and do what's best for you.

We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality and most convenient services in SETX.  We respect your time.  The average wait time for subsequent visits is typically 0-15 minutes.  We are not the least expensive option but know that our quality of care, results and positive office environment are consistent with our pricing structure. 

**We conveniently allow for monthly payment plans in house and CareCredit.**  

65% Discounted Time of Service Pricing is as follows (if not utilizing insurance):


$145 initial exam (no xrays) and adjustment or $185 (with xrays) if needed depending on the case

$60 per subsequent visit

Pregnant Moms:  $200 initial exam

$60 per subsequent visit

All others:  $250 for initial exam, xrays, adjustment, therapy table, and radiologist report

$60 per subsequent visit

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