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Pregnant Woman in Nature


For pregnant patients or women struggling with infertility, Dr. Coronado utilizes The Webster Technique . This technique is a way to analyze and balance the nervous system.  Gentle adjustments remove interference in the spine, pelvis, and surrounding muscles and ligaments   This helps to allow the body function at its best.

Pregnant women under regular chiropractic care have said:
Decreased back pain
-Increased comfort
–25-31% Shorter labor times 
69% breech resolution

Dr. Coronado takes the safety of you and your baby very seriously. Chiropractic care during pregnancy has been shown to be safe. Dr. Coronado utilizes special pregnancy pillows to allow for a comfortable and safe adjustment. She will also work with your midwife or OB to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

The Webster Technique is not an obstetric maneuver.  Dr. Coronado does not turn babies.  She helps to find and reduce stress and interference to the spine and pelvis.  This allows the body to accommodate better for the growing baby.

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