"My son struggled with colic and also with just being able to relax in general. We took him to thrive around 5 weeks old and have seen such a difference. He is less fussy, doesn't struggle nearly as bad with stomach issues, relaxed, and just seems to be all around more comfortable. We highly recommend Dr Coronado and the Thrive team to anyone who has a baby struggling with these issues." ~Bryan B.

"I have been seeing Dr. Coronado for chiropractic care for about 2-3 weeks now three times a week. I have noticed a difference already in my lower back. I no longer have pain in my hips when I walk and just this week I noticed there was little to know pressure in my lower back while doing exercise. My experience with Thrive has been going exceptionally well! I definitely recommend this chiropractic office."  ~Elizabeth V.

"We brought our newborn to her the day we got out of the hospital. She is great with our daughter. Very gentle, very caring. She does so much more than adjustments. She educates, she listens and she cares. Sometimes being a first time parent is scary, Dr. Coronado takes the time to answer questions and address my concerns. She is not only a Chiropractor, but she is also a pharmacist. It makes me feel so much more comfortable because you get the right balance between the natural and modern medicine."  ~Edith D.

"Great personality. Great Doctor. I can now breathe and swallowed better as my condition before would not allow me to. It was a great relief because I had a tumor remove."  ~Shana


"Dr. Coronado is truly an angel! She absolutely has the gift of healing! Twelve years of working as a nurse had really done a number on my back (pushing, pulling and turning patients)! For the first time in years I am pain free! I didn’t even realize how bad I was hurting...because I had just learned to live with the pain! I love so much what she has done for me...that I now bring my 5 year old to see her! Thank you, Dr. Coronado!!"  ~Jennifer S.

"Dr. Coronado listens, is insightful and cares about your overall health. She goes the extra step always and has a deep knowledge that is remarkable and reassuring. Love the fact her office has an X-ray machine so a second appointment at another facility is not needed (saves time!). Can't recommend Thrive Family Chiropractic enough."  ~Greg S.

"I started seeing Dr. Coronado about two weeks ago after I was having some really heavy chest and back pains at 34 weeks pregnant. I’ve seen her four times now and my pain has subsided tremendously! Her office and staff are so welcoming, I highly recommend her for all of your Chiropractic needs!"  ~Lauren W.

"Dr. Coronado at Thrive Family Chiropractic is so amazing! I was having such a hard time with breastfeeding when I discovered my newborn had a tongue and lip tie. Once we had them taken care of I was referred for some body work on my 1 month old baby. I was super nervous as I didn't know much about chiropractic work on a baby. When I went I felt at ease right away. Dr. Coronado was so gentle with my little guy and she is so talented and passionate about what she does. Since going to see her my baby is nursing so much better and has also become such a happier baby. He used to be so tense that he would scream if I tried to lift his arms above his shoulders and now one of my favorite things to see is when I take his swaddle off he does a full body stretch with his arms right up by his ears! Now that he is feeling better he loves going to his chiro appointments and he is always so relaxed when she is working on him. I am so thankful to have a happy and adorably chunky baby now that he is eating better thanks to the help of Dr. Coronado!"  ~Rachel V.

"Dr. Coronado is fabulous! I started seeing her in my 3rd trimester for a pulled nerve/muscle/something-awful-when-you-can't-take-pain-killers. After my first visit it was so much better! I have been seeing her regularly now and my uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms have subsided greatly. I'm so glad to have found Thrive!"  ~Kaleigh L.

"I cannot say enough positive things about this business. Dr. Coronado is amazing at creating such a loving, welcoming & healing environment. There is a peace that just envelops me when we come in & we always leave more refreshed, relaxed, and energized. My husband, toddler, infant, and I all receive regular adjustments from her which have helped to relieve chronic headaches, low back pain, depression and anxiety, as well as postpartum pelvic floor distinction. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my family! I finally feel like I’m living again!" ~Victoria C.

"She is wonderful with our 2 year old!! He loves getting adjusted by Dr. Tiffany!!"  ~Dana G.

"I found Dr. Coronado during my third trimester of pregnancy and she has been absolutely instrumental in increasing my comfort level and in getting my breech baby to flip head down in time for delivery. Also, my three year old loves getting adjusted and has stopped grinding his teeth in his sleep at night. Woo hoo!"  ~Ashley T.

"Dr. Coronado has been fabulous! My kids and I have been seeing her since we moved to town. I really appreciate the whole-health approach she takes. Not only have my back and neck have been doing so much better, but she's also had helpful insight into other health concerns I've had for my family. She's gentle and precise with her adjustments, and the craniosacral therapy has been especially helpful to me--bearing three children can take a toll! As an added bonus, my kids LOVE her & her office is set up for kids to play while mom & siblings are being adjusted. I couldn't be happier! We're so glad we found her!"  ~Kirsten A.

"Amazing experience today with my 9 month old! We will be back regularly. Will be recommending to friends & family!" ~Amanda B.

"Dr. Coronado has been a serious blessing to me during my pregnancy. At 26 weeks, I started having complications that seemed unbearable. After a couple visits, I was able to have less pain and more aware of what was going on. As I am rounding out the end of my pregnancy, I could not be more grateful for her knowledge, expertise, and care during this process. I highly recommend Thrive Family Chiropractic for your chiropractic needs!!" ~Caroline G.

"Tiffany is amazing not just with me but my baby girl as well!" ~Megan W.

"Dr. Coronado absolutely goes above and beyond for her patients and their families. She has a passion and gift for helping people. She played a huge roll in saving my nursing relationship with my sweet little man ♡ And continues to keep him free of his crazy reflux. No more forceful/projectile spit up! When I told her our latch was feeling somewhat shallow, she fixed him up and he fed beautifully when we got home! I was SO desperate when I first got to her and wish I had learned about (and believed in) the benefits of baby chiropractic care sooner! We'd be so lost without her! She even had her husband call my husband and help talk him through bottle refusal, after we told her about the crazy day they had with no luck. Above and beyond! Don't delay, take your babies and whole family to see her!"  ~Tonya D.

"Dr. Coronado and Steven are the very best. They are incredibly knowledgeable about the the level of care they provide as well as intentional about displaying a phenomenally kind customer experience. She is FANTASTIC for any need and has incredible expertise with pregnancy and babies. Steven is your guy for any and all nutritional needs and so much more. We would not choose any other!" ~Brittnee B.

"Amazing first chiropractic appointment with Dr. Tiffany Coronado at Thrive today! So excited to be working with such a wonderful specialist! She is very knowledgeable and super considerate of her patients' needs. This will be a fantastic addition to my self care routine!"  ~Eleanor W.

"Before visiting Dr. Coronado, our 3 month old had been extremely fussy all the time, not sleeping at all, and having a hard time eating and reflux as well. All babies cry of course, but we knew from the get go that something was wrong with our little one. Since going for treatments the past couple of weeks, she has become more calm and happier. We had her lip, tongue, and buccal ties revised as well, so that has helped her feeding as well. Her reflux has gotten extremely better, and she sleeps a great deal more at night time! Her whole over all mood has changed and seems like a different baby. We are very happy with the results, and would recommend Dr. Coronado to anyone looking for relief!" ~Brett J.

"Just had my first appointment yesterday! Let me tell you... they are so so sweet at this office. As soon as you walk through the door you feel welcome. As far as my treatment went, I am very pleased with that as well. I could pretty much immediately tell a difference in mobility. Feeling so much better! Dr. Coronado knows her stuff. 
Definitely looking forward to revisiting!"  ~Lauren C.

"Such an incredibly welcoming environment! Dr. Coronado & Steven are both personable, knowledgeable, & professional. They genuinely care for their patients well-being. A great place."  ~Netty G.

"I have known Dr. Coronado for several years, and she has helped me out on several occasions. Super friendly and very knowledgeable. Thrive is the place to be if you are looking for chiropractic care and nutritional advice. Definitely would recommend anyone to visit!"  ~Richard S.