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Beaumont Pediatric Chiropractor Uses What for Fever?!

Another hot topic I’m approached about frequently is fever, especially here lately in Beaumont! While some parents are conditioned to reach for the Tylenol or ibuprofen as soon as there is any sign of fever, I have many parents that want to know how they can treat the fever more naturally.

Before I jump into treatment, let’s talk about why bringing down fever isn’t always the best approach. The body’s first line of defense to bacteria and viruses is you guessed it…fever. The germs that cause sickness are very sensitive to heat so the body heats itself up to kill them! You know what else fever kills? Cancer cells! We are riddled with cancer cells all the time but many of us have immune systems that kill the cancer cells. One way our bodies naturally keep cancer at bay is with fever. Why would we want to stop that process?

But if I don’t bring down the fever, my kid will have seizures?!

It’s estimated that 1 in 25 kids will have a seizure. There are many factors that determine your child’s risk of having a febrile seizure. 1) how fast the fever spikes (the faster the spike, the higher the risk), 2) how high the fever gets (there is no official seizure threshold but the higher the fever, the higher the seizure risk), 3) genetic susceptibility. The good news is that simple febrile seizures are not known to cause any long-term brain damage. Let me say that again because I know you moms and dads need to hear it twice! Simple febrile seizures should not cause brain damage!

But my child is miserable?!

I totally get that it is agonizing to see your child in pain. But there are so many things you can do to help your child feel better all the while letting the fever run its course. Many folks like elderberry syrup or arnica.

Another neat thing to do is make lemon socks!

You basically cut up some lemons, squeeze the juice and oils out into some hot water (not too hot to burn though). Let the lemons sit for a few minutes. Take some wash rags and soak up the liquid and wrap around your child’s feet. Then take some wool socks and slip them over the rags. The lemon fruit is a fruit that THRIVES in hot climates. Your child will soak up the lemon and help the body navigate the fever.

You’ll be surprised at how fast the liquid is absorbed and evaporates. Just repeat as many times as necessary. Giving lemon water to stay hydrated is also really great as well!

At this point, we all know that chiropractic care for kids is great, especially during times of stress! Getting your kid adjusted by a pediatric chiropractor removes interference of the nervous system allowing your child to express whatever it needs to express and then get well!

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Note: Please keep in mind that this information is in regards to simple fever associated with cough, cold, or GI infections in toddler-aged kids. It does not apply to fever related to vaccines or chronic fever from unknown origin. Also, this is not medical advice to replace information from your pediatrician. Just a mom wanting to share her experiences. :)

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