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How It All Began

My journey to holistic healthcare began as a pharmacist. A pharmacist deep in the trenches of big pharma and sick care. While I enjoyed my community pharmacist position for the most part, thankfully to an amazing regional director and fellow staff members, the long, sporadic days began to weigh heavy on my spirit although I didn’t realize it at the time. I was determined to live the American Dream so I pushed forward.

In 2010, my husband and I were blessed with two little lines on a stick. I was pregnant! I researched high and low for the “best” OBGYN in Houston and ended up in the Houston Medical Center. My first appointment lasted 3 hours (2.75 hours in the waiting room and the remaining in with a nurse practitioner). My second appointment lasted equally as long and I still did not meet the famed doctor!

By chance (or really fate), a documentary was casually mentioned to me by a complete stranger. That documentary changed the course of our lives forever. It was called, “The Business of Being Born.” The documentary followed the pregnancy of a mom under midwifery care. I remember not even knowing that midwives still existed! The following day, I dropped my OBGYN and went on a search for a midwife to oversee my care. I ended up at Nativiti in The Woodlands and had amazing one-on-one, non-rushed care with an abundance of love and compassion. I had hit the maternal jackpot!

At my first appointment with the midwife, she recommended that I seek chiropractic care during my pregnancy. Again, I was flabbergasted! A chiropractor??? I had never been in a car accident nor had any sort of back injuries. I trusted the midwife and made and appointment at Connect2Health with Dr. Amber Smith. Dr. Amber patiently explained what happens to the body during pregnancy and how chiropractic care can help with a healthier pregnancy and easier/less complicated birth. After my first adjustment, I was hooked! I continued to see Dr. Amber throughout my pregnancy and went on to have a natural, non-medicated, vaginal delivery at the birth center. Knowing that birth trauma does happen even in natural births, I took my beautiful son to Dr. Amber two days after he was born. She gently checked for and corrected any stresses on his spine. Again, we were hooked!

Throughout all of this, I kept telling Dr. Amber that she had the most amazing job and I was envious! She always responded that I needed to just go back to school and I could live my new dream. After a couple of years under her care and brief job change, I decided to take the plunge and go back to school to become a prenatal/pediatric chiropractor. That was the absolute best decision I could’ve made.

Fast forward a few years…I am, indeed, living my dream in Beaumont helping families thrive through chiropractic care starting from pre-conception to pregnancy to infancy to childhood to adolescence and beyond.

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