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Chiropractic Care focuses on keeping the spine and associated tissues in balance. The chiropractic adjustment is a gentle and smooth impulse to an area of the spine that is not functioning properly.  There is a focus on removing interference, decreasing the body's stress, and allowing the body to function at its highest ability, which is different for everyone.

Causes and Effects of an Unbalanced Spine and Nervous System:

-Lack of normal movement:  Caused by prolonged normal or abnormal postures (labor and delivery, sitting/standing for a long time, talking/texting on phone, sleeping improperly, carrying a large bag on one shoulder, driving while slumped to one side, carrying a large wallet in the back pocket, holding children on one hip, nursing, etc.) as well as trauma to the spine (falling down while learning to walk, sports injuries, car accidents)

Prolonged positioning and trauma cause the body to attempt to stabilize by deforming the joints, causing painful arthritis.

Environmental Toxins:  Dietary choices including eating foods sprayed with pesticides, GMOs, preservatives as well as being exposed to commercial air pollution, radiation, tainted water, and vaccine adjuvants have been shown to wreak havoc on our health! Many of these substances have documented neurotoxins, which is a chemical that is toxic to your neurons (which is exactly what your brain and spinal cord of made of).

Damage from neurotoxins can decrease the ability of these neurons to function properly, which may not only cause pain and discomfort in the spine as well as arms/legs (neuropathy), but the damage may also decrease function to the vital organs of the body (GI system, heart, lungs, uterus, etc.) both directly and indirectly.

–Emotional Stress:  Stress can include negative stressors such as a lost or difficult job, a death in the family, or an unwelcomed diagnosis as well as positive stressors such as an engagement, a new job, new house, or new baby.

When we get stressed, our body releases chemicals that can have dangerous effects on our central nervous system (our brain and spinal cord). Prolonged stress puts the body into “fight or flight” mode leading to failure to thrive, constipation, anxiety, weight gain, GI problems, infertility, fatigue, decreased immunity, and impulse control/addiction.

*It is important to note that chiropractic or nutrition does not "treat" or "cure" any condition.  They remove interference, provide nourishment, and allow your body to heal from above down, inside out.*

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