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IV Nutrition

In a world where convenience oftentimes trumps nutrition out of necessity, we've got a solution to help you get the vitamins and minerals needed to function at your highest ability.  IV nutrition is different from oral supplementation as oral supplements must pass through the gut, decreasing absorption by the body.  IV nutrition provides vitamins, minerals, amino acids directly to the blood stream, bypassing the gut thus increasing absorption by the body.  Based on your chief complaint, we can recommend one or more of these one hour infusions to help reach your health goals.  Depending on how low the levels are in the body, one may need weekly infusions for 3-5 weeks then an infusion once or twice monthly to maintain levels.

By appointment only on Thursdays 12-6PM

(last appointment at 5PM)

ALLEVIATE (PMS/Migraine Relief)

GET UP AND GO (Energy: B Vitamins and Amino Acids)

IMMUNITY (Vitamin C, Zinc and Other Vitamins and Minerals)

INNER BEAUTY (Hair, Skin & Nails)

QUENCH (Hydration, Vitamins & Minerals)

RECOVERY & PERFORMANCE (Amino Acids, Vitamins & Minerals)

Current Special: 

$165 ~or~ Buy 5, Get 1 Free




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