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Regenerative Medicine

Besides chiropractic care, we offer holistic services with our nurse practitioner to help patients with chronic joint pain to feel and function better WITHOUT surgery or harmful pain medications.  Regenerative medicine is a branch of medicine involving the repair and regeneration of damaged tissue.  Medical scientists have discovered the cells (stem cells, cytokines, amino acids, platelets, etc.) that promote healing from within.  Those cells are attained and concentrated and we gently inject these healing factors into the damaged tissue to kickstart your body's own healing process.  Regenerative medicine is a great option for chronic injuries to muscles, ligaments or joints or osteoarthritis and has become widely used in the orthopedic space as an alternative to surgery.

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Platelet Rich Fibrin

PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) is a product of your own blood – we simply draw your blood and separate the platelets and fibrin in a centrifuge. The platelets are full of growth factors and other cell-stimulating proteins; the fibrin holds the platelets in the area injected while they slowly release those growth factors.

The growth factors released by PRF attract stem cells (which grow into brand new cartilage and connective tissue) and fibroblasts (which produce more collagen for cushioning and elastin for flexibility). There is also an anti-inflammatory effect that works quickly, and a slower increase in blood supply to the area.  An older version of this treatment is called platelet rich plasma (PRP).  The downfall to this treatment is that it requires an anticoagulant to be added to the preparation that may decrease efficacy and disallow some patients from receiving the treatment.  The newer version PRF eliminates these challenges.


In our office, the most common joints injected with PRF are shoulders and knees, and there’s been an uptick in visits for hand pain – using a smartphone or tablet requires repetitive motions that put stress on the joints and tendons in our fingers and wrists – especially the “texting thumb.”  PRF can be a tremendous relief to this frustrating daily pain.

Recent research shows PRP injections alleviate arthritis pain as well as steroid injections, but in a much different way that actually rejuvenates the cartilage and other joint tissues, rather than causing further breakdown. And the results last a lot longer, often a full year or more.

Natural Biologics

We are born with a set of specialty cells called stem cells.  These cells are integral in the healing process when sick or injured.  As we age, stem cell number and availability decrease making it harder for our bodies to recover from illness or injury.  This is why kids recover so quickly, adults take much longer to heal and seniors struggle.  We are now able to access stem cells from healthy donors to help our bodies regenerate new tissue and promote the healing process.

By using the body’s own systems, natural biologics may help promote long-term health.  Our products contain a multitude of components including growth factors, cytokines, collagens, proteins, extracellular matrix and hyaluronic acid to promote healing and regeneration of damaged tissue.

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